I’m sitting in ILM Airport awaiting my flight to Charlotte, NC, which is only one stop on my way to Nashville, TN. I have an interview for a great job at Mars Petcare in Franklin, TN tomorrow morning. I’m sitting here nervous. Nervous about doing well at my interview, of course but, also, nervous about getting on a plane. Before, I continue I must explain two things. First, this is far from my first plane ride. I’ve been on many in my short 24 years, so I’m accustomed to this form of travel. To be honest, it’s actually my favorite form of travel. Plane rides tend to sooth me like car rides do a newborn baby. Second, I don’t look at nerves the same way as everyone else. To me nerves means I’m taking something seriously and I have something that i’d rather not lose. Anywho, everytime I get on a plane, I always become self-reflective of my life, because of the nerves. Realistically, my plane could go down but I don’t worry about that because statistics are on my side. In today’s self reflection, I would like to just tell the world that overall I am happy. I may not be in the exact place for where I wanted my life at 24 but I really do understand that life could be way worse. I have wonderful friends and luckily a myriad of people that care about me. I have a job in an economy where it is very lucky to and I generally have food and funds to aqcuire more. All in all I have nothing to complain about. So, just in case statistics decide to let me down today, I want to say I am very happy and thankful for where I am.