Now all of my birthday wishes are important and mean alot to me but this one has definitely taken the cake….so far:

Hear ye hear ye!!!

Let it be known across the land that today is one of celebration!!!

24 years ago today the being we have all come to known as Kelvin set out on a quest…

Leaving the only home He had ever known to find out what lay beyond his previous boundaries.
Some say He had no choice…indeed, it was destiny that guided his in this act of bravery.

Many hardships were faced in the journey of escaping the constraints which bound his.

Firstly He had to venture through the cave of no return, wrestling his way through its unforgiving narrow spaces, reaching back only to grab his fedora as Indiana Jones does, before the exit sealed.

Secondly He had to have his only known reliable supply of food, water, and nutrients cut forever.
Lastly He had fend off (to this day) hordes of people pinching his checks and poking his saying “awwww how cute”

For this bravery let us all take a moment to recognize his womb liberation day!!!

Happy Birthday Kelvin