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Man Crush of the Day

Big salute to the man crush of the day! I have adored Lenny Kravitz for years. I remember being 14 and seeing the video where he walks across the screen and you see his butt and almost having a heart attack. Though it was literally on screen for less than a second, that image has been burnt in my mind for years. One of the world’s sexiest men by far…and proof that biracial babies are hotter than 79% of their non-multiracial counterparts.

Song of The Day

Today is the first day of freedom……for a bit at least. I started my spring break today. Sadly, I couldn’t go anywhere because I have lots of schoolwork to work on all eek but I at least don’t have to be to class or get up earlier than when I damn well feel like it. School has been extremely exhausting lately. Graduating year is no joke, unless you’re Jordan Lisvosky, I have been busting my butt for the last couple months. This week is definitely needed. It will be nice to be able to escape from the pressure of university life….at least for the weekend.

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