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Well, wouldn’t ya’ know it. Just two episodes back from the strike and I’ve already managed to write a vanity card that is completely unacceptable to the good folks at CBS. I wasn’t trying to offend. Honest. I just saw an opportunity to poke some proverbial fun, to knosh on the hand that feeds, if you will. They were not amused. If you would like to read my latest exercise in poor judgement, I’m sure you can find it somewhere on that thing we writers were striking to claim dominion over. Just to be on the safe side, I apologize in advance. Please know that my aim was only to provoke a bit of gaiety through the judicious use of a little thing I like to call “the truth.” Unfortunately, in the television business, the truth rarely sets anyone free. More often than not, it just pisses them off.


my soul’s journey

To let go of the fear and anger which imprisons my heart,
To relinquish all childish expectations and live joyfully in the world as it is —
not as I wish or imagine it to be,
To be free of the always craven and ever-craving ego,
To be released from the endless hungers of the body,
To see God in others,
To see God in everything,
To die without death and merge my consciousness into the
cosmic sea of bliss from which I came,
To crank out two sitcoms a week that can compete
with a deaf chick dancing her ass off…
This is my soul’s journey.

There has been many of famous men, actor and athlete alike, that I have dawned as my future husband but there has not been one that i have fallen so dear for. This man is Tom Hopper of Merlin.

Tom Hopper is an English actor who has appeared in several television programmmes and films including MerlinDoctor Who,Casualty and Tormented. He is best known for playing Sir Percivalin the BBC series Merlin.


Tom Hopper - "Tormented" - UK film Premiere

Man Crush of the Day


Lady Crush of the Day

Jessica Sula

Man Crush of the Day

Serving up a hot dish from the South – model Lee Kholafi. His pictures are all over the Internet; he’s been in various magazines and was the guy in Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” video. The muscles, the slightly exotic look, the overall alluring glare – it’s no wonder this guy from Alabama has found himself as one of the most popular male models to come along in a while.

Lee Kholafai

Lee Kholafai

Buffy looks freaking hot!


  • Ambre Anderson – African-American model and actress. Has appeared in national and international television commercials, dozens of print ads for national magazine publications, and thousands of national point of sale posters.



  • Naomi Campbell – first black (British) model to grace the covers of French Vogue Paris (August 1988 issue) and Time magazine (TIME Magazine Europe 9/18/91), and the second for the cover of British Vogue (December 1987 issue).
  • Dorothea Church – African American pioneering model. She was the first successful black fashion model in Paris.


  • Agbani Darego – Nigerian model and winner of Miss World competition 2001. She worked for brands such as L’Oréal cosmetics.





  • Marsha A. Hunt – African American model, singer, novelist, and actress.



  • Beverly Johnson – first African-American to grace the covers of American Vogue (August 1974 issue) and French Elle (1975).


  • Janet Langhart – African American model, television journalist and author.
  • Donyale Luna – American fashion model of the 1960s and early 1970s. The first black model to appear on the cover of British Vogue.
  • Damaris Lewis – African American model who appeared in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues.





  • Daisi Pollard Jamaican-American beauty queen and television personality.



  • Naomi Sims – Model of the late 1960s and 1970s. One of the first successful black models.


  • Alek Wek – Sudanese model who, aside from gracing magazine covers and being featured in ad campaigns, has walked the runway for high-profile fashion designers such as John GallianoDonna Karan, and Calvin Klein.
  • Jessica White – African American model and occasional actress.

Song of The Day

So I’ve been working on this super long paper for my Biochemistry 2 class on cystic fibrosis. It’s really interesting and I’m learning a lot but, the papers and research articles can be pretty dry so, I’ve got something going on on my TV for background and ADD catcher. Right now, it’s the first season of Laguna Beach (sadly I own the DVDs) and this song came on and I had forgotten how much I love it. It takes me back to days before I had ever had my heart broken. Days full of optimism and lacking mean ole’ wisdom. Days of wishful thinking! Days of unwavering happiness! I hope it can do the same for you guys!!!

Facts and Chicks

Yes it’s back! Facts and Chicks!!!! The reason it hasn’t appeared in so long is that it became extremely time consuming to do. I mean i have to look at the website (factsandchicks.com), post them here, and think of funny comments. I mean that can be way to much for this boy to handle, but whenever I have some random time inbetween studies I’ll do a Facts and Chick for my straight guy friends. I mean it’s the least I can do since they put up with Man Crush of the Day!

It’s cause their blood has traveled to their hair!

My question, of course, is how big is his dick?

Glad I didn’t start smoking pot until my brain was completely developed!

Damn vikings!

Now man up and giggle! It’s good for your health!

So men with one testicle want to take over the world you say? Everybody start watching Lance Armstrong!

Okay this may be true widespread, but as the oldest of 4 with 2 vagina-loving baby brothers, I am going to have to say lie!

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