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Man Crush of the Day

Big salute to the man crush of the day! I have adored Lenny Kravitz for years. I remember being 14 and seeing the video where he walks across the screen and you see his butt and almost having a heart attack. Though it was literally on screen for less than a second, that image has been burnt in my mind for years. One of the world’s sexiest men by far…and proof that biracial babies are hotter than 79% of their non-multiracial counterparts.

I hope Drake remembers that 50% of his fans come from the days when he was just Aubrey Graham a Jewish Black Canadian kid playing a kid who was shot and was in a wheelchair. Never Forget, Drake!

Man Crush of the Day

I am in love. He is sadly not gay but, I appreciate his platonic love of my people. I show you my vote for Sexiest Man of the Year, David Pocock!

Okay the name of this post is not specifically meant to hate on Darren Criss. It’s just to me he is so small and cute and adorable that I can call him a man-type thing and not a man, but hey I’ll celebrate his adorableness the same way.


He’s a creppy Michael Jackson/Bogangles manican!

WOW! You seem awfully gay!

Now this i what I’m talking about!

Woah! He is sexy! Let’s celebrate some Gosling today!

 This should be my face down there! I’d work so hard he’d need a second towel! 

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