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Man Crush of the Day

I know some of you may disagree with me on my choice today but I would like to think he’d be hot if he weren’t making that stupid creepy face and wasn’t in that awkward pose! Think about it….Now you see!

Facts and Chicks

Yes it’s back! Facts and Chicks!!!! The reason it hasn’t appeared in so long is that it became extremely time consuming to do. I mean i have to look at the website (factsandchicks.com), post them here, and think of funny comments. I mean that can be way to much for this boy to handle, but whenever I have some random time inbetween studies I’ll do a Facts and Chick for my straight guy friends. I mean it’s the least I can do since they put up with Man Crush of the Day!

It’s cause their blood has traveled to their hair!

My question, of course, is how big is his dick?

Glad I didn’t start smoking pot until my brain was completely developed!

Damn vikings!

Now man up and giggle! It’s good for your health!

So men with one testicle want to take over the world you say? Everybody start watching Lance Armstrong!

Okay this may be true widespread, but as the oldest of 4 with 2 vagina-loving baby brothers, I am going to have to say lie!

Man Crush of the Day

I am in love. He is sadly not gay but, I appreciate his platonic love of my people. I show you my vote for Sexiest Man of the Year, David Pocock!

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