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Man Crush of the Day

I want to Marry this man! I have him as the background on my computer. My straight guy best friend found him and thought I would be in love. He was so rite!!!  He is to die for!!!

(www.mancrushblog.com) This week I’ve looked toward Ireland for my usual athlete crush and whattaya know, I found a hot one! It’s Tommy Bowe who plays wing for the Ospreys, Ireland and the Lions. He announced that for the 2012-13 season he’ll be playing for Ulster. Ok, now, that’s about all I care to get into sports wise. Can we just objectify him? Those legs! I mean good Lord, they are glorious. He also has an awesome build overall that makes me melt in my chair. Check out this video featuring Tommy speaking about the 2011 World Cup for a taste of his sexy accent and him rocking some scruff.


Facts and Hot People

Damn that’s a nice ass!

I think her bra is on backwards.

As a HUGE fan of stem cell research, HELL YEAH!!!!

So can her boobs!

I guess her current actions will keep her heart healthy?

I could have never traveled to Mexico before 2007 then. Ipods for the win!

He was also our first hot one too!!!

Me + 20 Thousand Men = The TaJ MaSyphillus.




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