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Song of The Day

I just found this song in my iTunes and I’m in absolute love with. I’ve listened to it, on average, about twice every hour for the last 24 hours. Two amazing bands coming together. I feel like it’s the perfect mesh of my taste in band in high school and my taste in bands now. I wonder what that says about me, but any who? This song has been a great thing to relax and study to. I hope you guys enjoy!

Song of The Day

So the same thing is about to happen as what happened with the Disco Inferno Song of The Day post. Another Glee song has rolled into the muscle layers of my heart and the original is so amazing too! I hope you guys enjoy!

A Sense Of Humor

I found this hilarious short film by Heather Morris while looking for the song of the day. This just adds to the very large pile of why I love you Heather Morris. I hope you enjoy!

Song of The Day


http://youtu.be/iznIBZ9_f6w(Glee – Smooth Criminal)

Okay, I already love the original version of this song. It’s my 2nd favorite Michael Jackson song (Billy Jean is my favorite) and this cover they did on Glee was so freaking amazing.  The cellos fit so perfectly and the entire performance was impeccable. I love Santana/ Naya Rivera so much!!!!

Song of The Day (Duo-Style)

http://youtu.be/jVtSSCzASR0 (Rilo Kiley- Silver Lining) Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley was going to be the song of the day but then I ran across this Little diddy called Oslo by Eight Bit Tiger and immediately fell in love. Hope you guys like it too! http://youtu.be/1B64tV74Xr4 (Eight Bit Tiger – Oslo)

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