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Song of The Day


Today’s song of the day comes by request of my lovely friend Robyn. Sorry blogees! I apologize for being off my game. I’ve been super busy with school. It’s the round of exams for the semester. I can’t wait for some breathing room ( how ever shallow that pool might be). Well thanks to Glee, I’ve got a host of Michael Jackson song stuck in my head and today the one that I’ve played multiples times is Wanna Be Startin’ Something. I had never heard this song before Glee, but I will damn sure never forget it.

Song of The Day


http://youtu.be/iznIBZ9_f6w(Glee – Smooth Criminal)

Okay, I already love the original version of this song. It’s my 2nd favorite Michael Jackson song (Billy Jean is my favorite) and this cover they did on Glee was so freaking amazing. ¬†The cellos fit so perfectly and the entire performance was¬†impeccable. I love Santana/ Naya Rivera so much!!!!

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