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words that confuse the CBS censor

fecund, penal, taint, titmouse, cockamamie, cockatoo, cocksure, coccyx, ballcock, cockeye, prick, prickly, kumquat, titter, cunning linguist, insertion, gobble, guzzle, swallow, manhole, rimshot, ramrod, come, fallacious, lugubrious, rectify, Uranus, angina, paradiddle, spotted dick, dictum, frock, cunctation, engorge, turgid, stiff, bush, uvula, crapulence, masticate, Dick Butkus, gherkin and, of course, the always bewildering lickety-split.

As you can see, context is everything.

There has been many of famous men, actor and athlete alike, that I have dawned as my future husband but there has not been one that i have fallen so dear for. This man is Tom Hopper of Merlin.

Tom Hopper is an English actor who has appeared in several television programmmes and films including MerlinDoctor Who,Casualty and Tormented. He is best known for playing Sir Percivalin the BBC series Merlin.


Tom Hopper - "Tormented" - UK film Premiere

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