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Lady Crush of the Day

Look at who’s dating Today Man Crush…if he isn’t with me, I can find this acceptable.

Man Crush of the Day

Big salute to the man crush of the day! I have adored Lenny Kravitz for years. I remember being 14 and seeing the video where he walks across the screen and you see his butt and almost having a heart attack. Though it was literally on screen for less than a second, that image has been burnt in my mind for years. One of the world’s sexiest men by far…and proof that biracial babies are hotter than 79% of their non-multiracial counterparts.

Song of the Day

Okay so my life has gotten a little out of order. I just received a failing grade on a project in Senior Seminar.I know it’ my last semester of university and all but, this is ridiculous. It’s been so hard to even think about being motivated. It started a couple of weeks ago when I randomly got sick. Ever since, I’ve just been wishing school was over. After 6 long years toward a very exhausting degree I’m jut barely caring again. But, a 65 on a project is a hell no. I’ve never done this badly before. So I’ve got to get some thing together and do a shuffle of my priorities again. Only one more semester. Hey maybe I can get Dean’s list for the 4th semester in a row.

Facts and Hot People

I’m pretty sure George would have loved to pluck the cheery from her tree!

Yay recycling, worst bikini ever! She’s has dry erase board ass!

Ironically, most of the people in it’s largest city don’t drive now!

This one of the scariest things I ever seen: the dude and the fact!

That’s fine and interesting but, I all I know is I want to play with his Maytag.

I want to see Happy Feet. Yeah….No witty/clever comment, I just want to see Happy Feet.

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